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Download Tell a Story - Speech & Logic [MOD Menu] latest version 1.2.9 for Android

Tell a Story - Speech & Logic - [MOD Menu]

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    Tell a Story - Speech & Logic
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    Android 6+
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Download Tell a Story - Speech & Logic - [MOD Menu] last version 1.2.9 apk

Introduction to the game Tell a Story - Speech & Logic


Picture this - you find yourself in a mysterious world where words have the power to shape reality. That's what Tell a Story - Speech & Logic is all about. This innovative game takes storytelling to a whole new level, combining speech recognition technology with logical puzzles to create a unique gaming experience.

As an experienced gamer, I can tell you that this game is unlike anything you've played before. It challenges you to think outside the box, using your voice to interact with the game world and solve puzzles. If you love a good mystery and enjoy testing your wits, this game is definitely worth a try.

Full description


Tell a Story - Speech & Logic is a narrative-driven puzzle game where you play as a young writer who discovers a magical pen that brings his stories to life. As you delve into the world of your own creation, you must use your speech to command the characters and solve puzzles along the way.

The game features stunning visuals, immersive sound design, and a captivating storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With each decision you make, the story unfolds in unique ways, offering endless replay value.

Gameplay overview


In Tell a Story - Speech & Logic, the gameplay revolves around using your voice to interact with the game world. Through speech recognition technology, you can command characters, manipulate objects, and solve puzzles simply by talking to your device.

Each level presents new challenges and obstacles that require creative thinking and logical reasoning to overcome. As you progress through the game, you'll uncover secrets, unlock new abilities, and ultimately shape the outcome of the story.

Features and complete system requirements


The latest version of Tell a Story - Speech & Logic comes with a range of exciting features, including:

  • Intuitive speech recognition technology
  • Engaging storyline with multiple branching paths
  • Challenging puzzles and brain teasers
  • Immersive audiovisual experience
  • Interactive dialogue options

To run the game smoothly on your Android device, make sure you meet the following system requirements:

  • Android version 5.0 or higher
  • Minimum 2GB of RAM
  • At least 1.5GB of free storage space
  • Internet connection for speech recognition feature

Best tips for playing the game


When diving into the world of Tell a Story - Speech & Logic, keep these tips in mind to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Speak clearly and confidently to ensure accurate speech recognition
  • Explore every corner of the game world to uncover hidden secrets
  • Experiment with different dialogue options to see how they impact the story
  • Use logic and critical thinking to solve puzzles efficiently
  • Don't be afraid to think outside the box - creativity is key

Pros and cons of the latest version



  • Unique gameplay concept that sets it apart from traditional puzzle games
  • Immersive storytelling experience that keeps players engaged from start to finish
  • Innovative use of speech recognition technology for interactive gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and atmospheric sound design that enhance the overall experience
  • Replay value with multiple endings and hidden secrets to discover


  • Requires a stable internet connection for the speech recognition feature to work effectively
  • Some players may find the puzzles too challenging or the storyline too complex
  • Limited device compatibility may restrict access for certain players

Mod features: Tell a Story - Speech & Logic [MOD Menu]


If you're looking to enhance your gameplay experience, consider downloading the Tell a Story - Speech & Logic [MOD Menu] version. This modification offers additional features such as:

  • Unlimited hints and hints recharge
  • Unlock all levels and bonus content
  • Disable ads for uninterrupted gameplay
  • Customizable controls and settings

With these added features, you can tailor the game to suit your playstyle and enjoy a more personalized gaming experience.

Design and personal impressions of the game


From a design perspective, Tell a Story - Speech & Logic impresses with its visually stunning graphics, detailed environments, and smooth animations. The game creates a sense of immersion that draws players into its captivating world, making each decision feel impactful and meaningful.

As a seasoned gamer, my personal impression of the game is overwhelmingly positive. The combination of storytelling, puzzle-solving, and speech recognition technology sets it apart from other mobile games on the market. It's a refreshing and innovative experience that challenges players in new and exciting ways.

Tips for passing


For those looking to conquer Tell a Story - Speech & Logic and uncover all its secrets, here are some tips for passing:

  • Pay attention to dialogue cues and character responses for clues
  • Think carefully before making decisions that could alter the course of the story
  • Use hints sparingly and only when necessary to maintain the challenge level
  • Explore every nook and cranny of the game world for hidden collectibles and secrets
  • Engage with the story and immerse yourself in the world to fully appreciate the experience



In conclusion, Tell a Story - Speech & Logic is a must-play for gamers who appreciate a good challenge and storytelling. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, captivating storyline, and immersive world, this game offers a unique and engaging experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Whether you're a fan of puzzle games, narrative-driven adventures, or simply looking for something new and exciting to play, Tell a Story - Speech & Logic has something for everyone. Download the latest version now and embark on an unforgettable journey through the power of words.

System Requirements:

Read this section carefully, as failure to meet the specified requirements may result in issues with installing the application. First, confirm the version of the operating system installed on your device. Second, ensure you have enough available space, as the application will require resources for its unpacking.

Operating System: Android 6+
Size: 580MB


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Installations: 610000
Version: 1.2.9


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Average Rating: 4.1
Number of Votes: 8000

How to download Tell a Story - Speech & Logic - [MOD Menu] game from our website?

Grant permission for installation from unknown source:

1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your Android device.

2. Select Security in the menu.

3. Identify Unknown sources in the menu.

4. Grant permission for installation from your chosen browser or file manager application where you plan to download the APK file Tell a Story - Speech & Logic.

Get the APK file:

1. Launch your chosen browser or file manager application on your Android device.

2. Visit the website from which you want to obtain the APK file.

3. Locate the link to the APK file on the website and tap on it.

4. The browser will initiate the file download to your device.

Download the APK file:

1. After the file download is complete, you will receive a notification in the notification bar of your device.

2. Tap on the notification to open the APK file.

3. Upon finish of the APK file download, Tap Install and launch the application.



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