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Download Everlasting Summer [MOD Unlocked] latest version 1.8.5 for Android

Everlasting Summer - [MOD Unlocked]

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    Everlasting Summer
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    Android 8+
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Introduction to the game Everlasting Summer


Everlasting Summer is a visual novel game that has gained a lot of popularity among gamers due to its intriguing storyline and immersive gameplay. Developed by Soviet Games, this game takes players on a journey to a summer camp where they must navigate through various challenges and make crucial decisions that will impact the outcome of the story. With its captivating visuals and engaging plot, Everlasting Summer is a must-play for fans of visual novels.

Full description


In Everlasting Summer, players take on the role of a character who finds themselves mysteriously transported to a summer camp. As they explore their new surroundings, they encounter a group of intriguing characters with whom they can form relationships and uncover the secrets of the camp. The game features multiple endings, each of which is determined by the choices players make throughout the story. With its mix of romance, mystery, and drama, Everlasting Summer offers a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Gameplay overview


The gameplay in Everlasting Summer is primarily choice-based, with players being presented with various scenarios and dialogue options that will shape the outcome of the story. By interacting with the different characters in the game, players can build relationships and unlock new storylines. The game also features mini-games and puzzles that add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.

Features and complete system requirements


Some of the key features of Everlasting Summer include:

  • Immersive storyline: Experience a captivating narrative filled with twists and turns.
  • Multiple endings: Your choices will determine the outcome of the game.
  • Beautiful visuals: Stunning artwork brings the game world to life.

The system requirements for Everlasting Summer are:

  • Operating System: Android 4.4 and above
  • RAM: 2GB or higher
  • Storage: 1GB of free space

Best tips for playing the game


When playing Everlasting Summer, it's important to carefully consider your choices and their consequences. Pay attention to the dialogue options and think about how they might impact the story. Building strong relationships with the other characters can also lead to interesting plot developments. And don't forget to explore every corner of the camp to uncover all of the game's secrets.

Pros and cons of the latest version



  • Engaging storyline: Keeps players hooked from start to finish.
  • Beautiful artwork: Immersive visuals bring the game world to life.
  • Multiple endings: Adds replay value to the game.


  • Some choices feel limited: Players may find certain decisions restricting.
  • Gameplay can be linear: Limited branching paths in the storyline.
  • Requires patience: May not appeal to players looking for fast-paced action.

Mod features: Everlasting Summer [MOD Unlocked]


The Everlasting Summer [MOD Unlocked] version of the game allows players to access additional content and features that are not available in the original release. This includes unlocked characters, extra storylines, and bonus mini-games that enhance the overall gaming experience. With the mod version, players can enjoy a more comprehensive and customizable gameplay experience.

Design and personal impressions of the game


The design of Everlasting Summer is visually stunning, with detailed artwork and vibrant colors that bring the game world to life. The character designs are unique and memorable, adding to the overall immersive experience. Personally, I was impressed by the attention to detail in the game's visuals and the depth of the storyline, which kept me engaged throughout my playthrough.

Tips for passing


Some tips for passing through Everlasting Summer include:

  • Save often: Save your progress regularly to explore different story paths.
  • Experiment with choices: Don't be afraid to try different dialogue options to see how they affect the story.
  • Engage with all characters: Build relationships with each character to fully experience the game.



Everlasting Summer is a captivating visual novel game that offers an immersive and engaging experience for players. With its intriguing storyline, beautiful artwork, and multiple endings, the game keeps players coming back for more. Whether you're a fan of visual novels or just looking for a new and exciting mobile game to play, Everlasting Summer is definitely worth checking out. With the [MOD Unlocked] version, you can enjoy even more content and features that enhance the overall gameplay experience. So download Everlasting Summer now and start your journey to the summer camp adventure of a lifetime!

System Requirements:

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Operating System: Android 8+
Size: 494MB


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Installations: 100000
Version: 1.8.5


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Average Rating: 3.5
Number of Votes: 3600

How to install Everlasting Summer - [MOD Unlocked] game from our resource?

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2. Click on Security in the menu.

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4. Grant permission for installation from your chosen browser or file manager application where you plan to install the APK file Everlasting Summer.

Obtain the APK file:

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4. The browser will commence the file get to your tablet.

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3. Upon finish of the APK file installation, Select Install and access the application.



alklepikov809 28 March 2024 13:36
Beautiful game! I suppose, the best visual novel from Russian-speaking developers. Interesting idea, many plot twists, and all this is accompanied by a beautiful picture and fascinating dialogs of the characters. Personally, I passed the game for all the endings back in the steem version, but I was still happy to replay this version of the game. Even the second playthrough causes a lot of emotions and does not leave indifferent for a long time! I advise the game as well as fans of visual novels, and people who encountered for the first time with the given
ardoquez922 29 March 2024 21:54
I read the comments and it said everything was great. I thought it was just some hired people writing it. But I downloaded it. And was not disappointed game is very good, interesting story, good drawing (especially characters), convenient control system and all just awesome.