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Download Riichi Mahjong [MOD Unlimited money] latest version 2.8.6 for Android

Riichi Mahjong - [MOD Unlimited money]

Votes: 4400
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    Flyout Studios
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    Riichi Mahjong
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    Android 9+
Скачать Riichi Mahjong - [MOD Unlimited money]
Download Riichi Mahjong - [MOD Unlimited money] last version 2.8.6 apk

Introduction to the game Riichi Mahjong


Hey fellow gamers, today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite games - Riichi Mahjong. If you're into challenging puzzle games that require strategic thinking and quick decision-making, then Riichi Mahjong is the game for you. It's a popular tile-based game that originated in China and has gained a huge following all over the world. In this game, your goal is to build sets of tiles and declare "Riichi" to win the round. With the latest version offering Unlimited money through the MOD feature, you can enjoy even more exciting gameplay without any constraints.

Full description


Riichi Mahjong is a multiplayer game that can be played with friends or against AI opponents. The game is played with a set of 144 tiles, each displaying different characters and symbols. The gameplay involves creating sets of tiles, such as three of a kind or a straight sequence, to form a winning hand. The game is fast-paced and requires you to think quickly and strategically to outwit your opponents. With the Unlimited money MOD feature, you can unlock new tiles and backgrounds to customize your gameplay experience.

Gameplay overview


The gameplay of Riichi Mahjong is simple yet challenging. Players take turns drawing and discarding tiles to create winning combinations. To win a round, you must have a complete hand with specific sets and a pair of matching tiles. The game follows specific rules and scoring systems that add depth and complexity to the gameplay. With the Unlimited money MOD feature, you can skip the grind and focus on mastering your Mahjong skills for an enhanced gaming experience.

Features and complete system requirements


Riichi Mahjong offers a range of features that make it a must-play for any Mahjong enthusiast. Some of the key features include: - Multiplayer mode for playing with friends online - AI opponents of varying difficulty levels for solo play - Customizable tiles and backgrounds for a personalized gaming experience - Tutorial mode for beginners to learn the rules and strategies of the game - Regular updates and new content to keep the game fresh and exciting. To enjoy the latest version of Riichi Mahjong with the Unlimited money MOD feature, ensure your Android device meets the following system requirements: - Android OS version 4.4 and above - Minimum 2GB RAM - 500MB of free storage space

Best tips for playing the game


Here are some tips and tricks to help you master Riichi Mahjong and increase your chances of winning: 1. Focus on building complete sets early in the game to increase your chances of winning. 2. Pay attention to the tiles your opponents discard to gain insight into their hand. 3. Use the Unlimited money MOD feature to unlock new tiles and backgrounds for a fresh gaming experience. 4. Practice regularly to improve your skills and become a Mahjong master.

Pros and cons of the latest version



- The Unlimited money MOD feature allows for unlimited customization options. - Regular updates and new content keep the game exciting. - Multiplayer mode for playing with friends online adds a social aspect to the game.


- Some players may find the game challenging to learn initially. - The Unlimited money MOD feature may lead to a lack of challenge for experienced players. - The game requires a stable internet connection for multiplayer mode.

Mod features: Riichi Mahjong [MOD Unlimited money]


The Unlimited money MOD feature in Riichi Mahjong allows players to access unlimited in-game currency for purchasing new tiles, backgrounds, and other customization options. With this feature, players can enhance their gaming experience and enjoy the game to its fullest without any restrictions.

Design and personal impressions of the game


The design of Riichi Mahjong is sleek and visually appealing, with detailed tiles and backgrounds that immerse you in the game world. The gameplay is smooth and responsive, making for a seamless gaming experience. Personally, I love the customization options and the Unlimited money MOD feature that allow me to tailor the game to my preferences and play style.

Tips for passing


Passing in Riichi Mahjong is a crucial strategy that can help you win rounds and outsmart your opponents. Here are some tips for passing effectively: 1. Pay attention to the tiles your opponents discard to determine which ones are safe to pass. 2. Keep track of the tiles remaining in the game to avoid passing crucial tiles. 3. Use the Unlimited money MOD feature to customize your hand and improve your chances of winning.



Riichi Mahjong is a challenging and addictive game that offers a unique gameplay experience for puzzle enthusiasts. With the latest version featuring the Unlimited money MOD feature, players can enjoy unlimited customization options and enhance their gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned Mahjong player or a beginner looking to learn the ropes, Riichi Mahjong has something to offer for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest version now and start playing!

System Requirements:

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Operating System: Android 9+
Size: 162MB


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Installations: 630000
Version: 2.8.6


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Average Rating: 3.5
Number of Votes: 4400

How to download Riichi Mahjong - [MOD Unlimited money] application from our resource?

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1. Visit the Settings menu on your Android tablet.

2. Click on Security in the menu.

3. Identify Unknown sources in the menu.

4. Grant permission for installation from your chosen browser or file manager application where you plan to download the APK file Riichi Mahjong.

Obtain the APK file:

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3. Locate the link to the APK file on the website and select on it.

4. The browser will start the file download to your tablet.

Download the APK file:

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3. Upon finish of the APK file download, Click Install and open the application.



anna12315 23 March 2024 01:01
How to play online?! I press join in multiplayer with open rooms and no reaction.
alia-13 25 March 2024 12:00
Great mahjong!
andreevdi 23 April 2024 14:26
Complete stuffing :3
annkot991 29 April 2024 04:50
Cool game, but the graphics could be more modern.
anita-4407 29 April 2024 22:51
Please make a russification to fully understand the rules of mahjong riichi. It would also be nice if there would be a tab with scoring and understanding of the combinations, even on the Internet can not find much, but most importantly, lack of multiplayer, it would be very nice to play with real people, bots are good, but on intuition to win them is not so nice).
anna40494 7 May 2024 00:25
Declaring riichi when there are less than 4 bones left is not the norm, as there is no possibility of ippatsu. By all rules, this is forbidden. Ariichi animation is too long. It takes two laps to complete.
asd-ry- 12 May 2024 13:25
A very good version for beginners. You can practice with bots, they kindly wait for your move. There are hints on yak (combinations).