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Download Hunter Assassin [MOD Menu] latest version 2.6.8 for Android

Hunter Assassin - [MOD Menu]

Votes: 8900
  • Developer
    Ruby Games AS
  • App Name
    Hunter Assassin
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  • Category
    Games / Action
  • OS
    Android 8+
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Introduction to the game Hunter Assassin


If you're into thrilling and strategic games, then Hunter Assassin is the perfect game for you. Developed by Ruby Game Studio, this game has gained immense popularity among gamers for its addictive gameplay and challenging levels. In Hunter Assassin, you play as an assassin who must sneak up on enemies and eliminate them without being caught. The game tests your stealth skills and reflexes as you navigate through various mazes and obstacles to complete your mission.

Full description


Hunter Assassin is a top-down action game where you control an assassin on a mission to take down all the guards in each level. The game features simple controls where you can move your character by dragging your finger on the screen. Your goal is to reach the guards without being spotted and take them out one by one. As you progress through the levels, the challenges become tougher, requiring you to use strategy and precision to succeed.

Gameplay overview


The gameplay of Hunter Assassin is fast-paced and intense. You need to carefully plan your moves and use the environment to your advantage to outwit the guards. The levels are filled with obstacles such as walls, bushes, and traps that you must navigate through to reach your targets. As you eliminate enemies, the remaining guards become more alert and start hunting you down, adding to the tension and excitement of the game.

Features and complete system requirements


Some of the key features of Hunter Assassin include:

  • Simple controls: Easy to learn touch controls make it accessible to players of all skill levels.
  • Challenging levels: Each level presents a new set of challenges that test your stealth and strategy skills.
  • Various environments: Explore different environments from warehouses to dungeons, each with unique layouts and obstacles.
  • Upgrade system: Earn coins to upgrade your assassin's abilities and unlock new characters with special skills.

As for system requirements, Hunter Assassin is compatible with Android devices running Android 4.4 and above. The game requires a minimum of 1GB of RAM and 200MB of free storage space to run smoothly.

Best tips for playing the game


Here are some tips to help you master Hunter Assassin:

  • Plan your moves: Take time to observe the guards' movements and plan your approach accordingly.
  • Use distractions: Use the environment to create distractions and lure guards away from their patrol routes.
  • Upgrade your assassin: Invest in upgrades to improve your assassin's speed, stealth, and other abilities.
  • Stay alert: Be mindful of your surroundings and anticipate guard movements to avoid getting caught.

Pros and cons of the latest version



  • Addictive gameplay: The game's challenging levels and fast-paced action keep players engaged for hours.
  • Unique concept: The stealth-based gameplay sets Hunter Assassin apart from other action games.
  • Regular updates: The developers frequently release updates with new content and features for an enhanced gaming experience.


  • Ads: The game features ads that can disrupt gameplay and can be removed with in-app purchases.
  • Difficulty spikes: Some levels can be extremely challenging, leading to frustration for some players.
  • Limited customization: The game lacks in-depth customization options for characters and environments.

Mod features: Hunter Assassin [MOD Menu]


The Hunter Assassin MOD Menu offers players access to various cheats and hacks to enhance their gameplay experience. Some of the features include unlimited coins, unlocked characters, and ad-free gameplay. Players can enable or disable these features through the in-game menu for added convenience.

Design and personal impressions of the game


The design of Hunter Assassin is sleek and minimalistic, with vibrant colors and detailed environments that enhance the gameplay experience. The character animations are smooth, and the sound effects add to the tension and excitement of the game. Personally, I find the game to be highly engaging and challenging, keeping me hooked for hours on end.

Tips for passing


When playing Hunter Assassin, remember to strategize and use the environment to your advantage. Take advantage of distractions and upgrades to overcome tough challenges. Practice patience and precision to succeed in the game and complete all levels with ease.



Overall, Hunter Assassin is a must-play game for fans of action and strategy games. With its addictive gameplay, challenging levels, and unique concept, the game offers a thrilling experience that will keep you coming back for more. Download the latest version with MOD Menu enabled to enjoy the game to its fullest potential on your Android device.

System Requirements:

Take a look at this section, as failure to meet the specified requirements may result in issues with starting the application. First, determine the version of the operating system installed on your device. Second, ensure you have enough unused space, as the application will require resources for its setup.

Operating System: Android 8+
Size: 514MB


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Installations: 680000
Version: 2.6.8


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Average Rating: 4.3
Number of Votes: 8900

How to download Hunter Assassin - [MOD Menu] game from our website?

Allow installation from another source:

1. Visit the Settings menu on your Android device.

2. Click on Security in the menu.

3. Locate Unknown sources in the menu.

4. Allow installation from your chosen browser or file manager application where you plan to download the APK file Hunter Assassin.

Download the APK file:

1. Launch your chosen browser or file manager application on your Android device.

2. Access the website from which you want to get the APK file.

3. Find the link to the APK file on the website and tap on it.

4. The browser will initiate the file obtain to your device.

Obtain the APK file:

1. After the file download is complete, you will see a notification in the notification bar of your device.

2. Tap on the notification to launch the APK file.

3. Upon finish of the APK file download, Tap Install and access the application.



alesik--93 24 March 2024 20:19
Everything would be fine, if not the game hangs after commercials between levels. After closing the video the game hangs and does not let you do anything, you can only see the map of the passed level, colored green. No buttons, the button "back" also does not help. It remains only to close the game and start again. Uninstalled after the third level, as it is impossible to play. And, yes, immediately found another game called "assassin king", which, to my surprise, looks exactly the same... but without commercials.
ba2701 3 April 2024 00:10
Recently, games are made for the sake of advertising. The idea is very simple, to make a viral game (easy and more or less interesting) and release in production. This has already become a classic for such mobile games and this game is no exception. Advertising is just too much! It feels as if you turn on the ads and not the game. Quickly bored, all the same thing. Takes its simplicity and that you do not have to think. Developers, such a feeling as if all such games are released by one razraba and rivet advertising, very primitive games.
angeeelka 9 May 2024 06:26
The game is just top!!!!!!!! But there are minuses. 1 add a first aid kit and weapons 2. A lot of advertising can add some modes can add a boss once wounded two more wounded and so on.
ass-mik 9 May 2024 18:51
Hello, the game davolno not bad and even you can say interesting. But I have such a problem arose when I downloaded the game, and started the game I have half of the map is just not visible. There is only a black strip and all, when I see the opponents and their field of view I see that the textures are there but they are only black. Fix please such a small problem I have a phone (Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) (android version 5.1.1) If not difficult you can fix this problem. Thank you for your attention !!!